What is AssetMantle?

AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain.

Vision & Mission


Build an open-source, community-driven framework for inter-chain NFTs and metadata standardization by contributing to interNFT standard


Provide a platform that enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases that extend beyond arts and collectibles and can potentially change the representation of rights and ownership of real-world assets like real estate and other comodities.

$MNTL Token Info

Find out how the protocol token of AssetMantle chain is optimized for maximizing yield across various DEXs

MNTL token illustration






$MNTL Token Utility

AssetMantle's protocol token is created using latest best practices for tokenization, realizing multiple types of utilities for its holder



$MNTL token is required as a deposit to create on-chain governance proposals. The token holders can then vote on these proposals with their staked $MNTL. It also has in-built security against drastic protocol changes to make it more incremental.

Network Security

Network Security

MantleChain, runs on the Tendermint core, a dPoS (delegated Proof-of-Stake) based pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus engine. The token holders can get incentivized delegating their tokens to validators of their choice, improving security.

NFT Transactions

NFT Transactions

$MNTL will be used to pay for transaction fees, platform commission, and creator royalties. The token will also be used for the curation of the platform (via curation DAO) which plays an integral role in an NFT marketplace governance.

Economic Incentive

Economic Incentive

Initially, the token will also help bootstrap genesis creators, early adopters, early stakers. Post genesis will have campaigns to bootstrap the creators, liquidity providers, NFT minting & trading activities in several batches, and curator communities.

$MNTL Token Distribution

Find out the crucial tokenomics pertaining to the protocol token of AssetMantle, optimizing it for long term value creation

Release Schedule


Total Genesis Supply


Total Circulating Supply

At genesis, 26% (78 million $MNTL) of the supply will be circulating to bootstrap liquidity and incentivize the early adopters of the platform.

Genesis Supply
Circulating Supply

Meet our team

Browse through the highly skilled and qualified AssetMantle cohort who make the scalable value creation happen

  • Deepanshu Tripathi

    Founder, Core - Product Planning & Implementation​

  • Abhinav Kumar

    Co-Founder, Core - Product Planning & Implementation​

  • Kamlesh Parikarath

    Core - Product Development & Growth

  • Sachin Matta

    Core - Product Marketing and Communications

  • Prabhav Varambally

    Core - Business Operations & Strategy

  • Sarin Venugopal

    Product Marketing & Operations

  • Pratik Balar

    DevOps & Infrastructure

  • Jagdish Chudasama

    UI/UX Developer​

  • Namaha Shetty

    UI/UX Designer

  • Akhlak Hossain

    UI Developer

  • Mukund Rawat

    Blockchain Developer

  • Jathin Kotian

    UI Developer

  • Vismay Hegde

    Marketing Associate


NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. An NFT is an immutable token on the blockchain. It is cryptographically protected and can be treated as a digital certificate of ownership on the blockchain. NFTs on AssetMantle are part of the growing Cosmos ecosystem.

MantlePlace is the native NFT marketplace if AssetMantle.All creators on MantlePlace are verified for authenticity in an effort to minimize instances of frauds and rug pulls.

MantleBuilder is the revolutionary no-code NFT marketplace builder from AssetMantle. It's simple drag-and-drop interface empowers creators and brands to build their robust and custom-branded NFT storefronts in the Cosmos ecosystem. Read more about MantleBuilder here .

IBC stands for “Inter-Blockchain Communication”. It is an open-source protocol that allows sovereign blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem to transfer assets and information among themselves. This empowers NFT creators and collectors to utilize their NFTs across different chains and metaverses.

AssetMantle is built from the ground up to completely redefine digital asset ownership. Some noteworthy features include:

  • Support for fractional NFTs

  • Negligible gas fees

  • Ledger hardware support

  • InterNFT standard

  • IPFS storage mechanism

  • Cross-chain interoperability

  • Support for multiple asset types

  • Real-world asset tokenization

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